Education is more stressful than ever.

Our teachers, staff, and administrators are drained and it hurts everyone in our schools. At The Pillars Initiative, we believe it doesn't have to be that way! Join us as we build the supports and resources our school professionals deserve, to create a better education system for everyone.

What the Research Shows

• Administrators from 40% of districts and schools surveyed by EdWeek reported "severe" staff shortages. • Over 1 in 2 educators and staff told the NEA they are thinking of leaving the profession early, regardless of time in their roles. Even higher numbers are reported by underrepresented groups, with 62% of Black educators and 59% of Hispanic/Latino educators looking at early exits. • The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that there are 567,000 fewer educators in public schools than at the beginning of the pandemic. • In an NEA poll, 90% of educators reported burnout being a "serious" or "very serious" problem for school staff.

Teachers, staff, and administrators are struggling and the last few years have only added to the strain.

They need support and the education system needs all of us to step up and help make change happen. That's our mission: The Pillars Initiative is committed to supporting, retaining, and recruiting all individuals serving in schools. We believe a positive environment focusing on wellness directly affects successful student learning. We will foster support for staff wellbeing by creating a sustainable plan offering ongoing time, space, and resources in and out of the school setting.

Our Seven Pillars

Support for school staff means support across many areas. Here are the pillars we're focused on in our Initiative work:
Supporting awareness of self and others, which can include resources like ready-made activities to grow community connection, sufficient time for rests and breaks in schedules, and integrated wellness throughout the day.
Supporting ecologically sound and friendly environments, which can include resources like inviting gathering spaces, expectations that align with work hours, tap out times and assistance, community celebrations and recognitions, safety, and time with nature indoors and out.
Supporting financial awareness and stability, which can include resources like increased and equitable pay, pay for extra activities and hours, increased budgets for supplies, support and funding for advanced education, and financial education with clear information.
Supporting mental health and mindful growth, which can include resources like resources and activity groups outside of school settings, wellbeing retreats and support services, mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning programs, and simply time to breathe.
Supporting health, movement, and awareness of our bodies, which can include resources like individualized wellbeing planning and professional support, wellness time in daily schedules and on school calendars, movement opportunities in and out of schools, and group activities like walking.
Supporting connections in the school and greater community, which can include resources like shared staff planning time and opportunities, simple and purposeful mentoring programs, shared meals, and optional out-of-school events.
Supporting each individual's desire for purpose and meaning, which can include resources like increased autonomy, tapping into staff strengths, affirmations and encouragement, and offering support groups.

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